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2022 Living Room Styles Complete Easy Guide

The list includes contemporary, industrial, shabby chic, and more living room styles. The difficulty many of our clients have in defining and describing their individual interior design styles is a major obstacle. It can be difficult to decide which of the many distinctive design trends will work the best for you. Some people also like mixing art styles in a room from different room styles to achieve their ideal appearance.

Learning a little bit about each of the designs and how they vary from one another is a fantastic place to start when working on an interior design project.

CONTEMPORARY room styles

The terms “modern” and “current” are commonly used in the same sentence. Modern and contemporary design are distinct from one another because contemporary design focuses on the present.

Modern design represents a strictly defined perception of design that began in the 20th century, which is the main distinction between modern and current design. Contrarily, contemporary is more supple and can convey a sense of freshness with less allegiance to a single style. For instance, modern design lacks curved lines whereas contemporary style may. For further information, see the article on modern vs. contemporary.


As its name suggests, these types of room styles are influenced by a warehouse or an urban apartment.

Many of the features have an unfinished, raw quality, and it’s not unusual to find exposed wood, ductwork, and brick. A refurbished apartment from a former industrial structure would be a famous residence with an industrial design motif.

Imagine a space with high ceilings, aged wood, dangling metal light fixtures, and minimal but useful furniture. One or two works of abstract art or pictures might be present to inject a splash of color into the generally neutral color scheme made from the main building materials, metals and wood.


A home that is considered modern often has clean, uncluttered lines, a restrained color scheme, including the use of materials such as metal, glass, and steel. Modern is a broad style word.

Every component of modern design, including furniture, is simple to the point of being boring. Sleek is a phrase that people frequently use to characterize modern types of room styles, and there isn’t much clutter or extra decor to go along with it.


Fashion and interior design often follow the bohemian aesthetic. It depicts a carefree way of life where the only rule is to follow your heart. Bohemian is such types of room styles.

Vintage furniture and lighting fixtures, textiles and rugs with international influences, collections on display, and objects acquired from a wide range of places, such as flea markets and travels, can all be found in bohemian houses.

When using the boho design, it’s typical to see floor pillows and inviting seating areas. A mid-century chair, a well-worn rug, and an ultra-glam chandelier may all be used to great effect in this diverse design. Anything works as long as you love it, according to the laissez-faire attitude of the bohemian style.


The famous American oceanfront region is where the coastal style, also known as Hamptons style, originated. Light, breezy color schemes with cool neutral tones combined with blues and greens are typical characteristics. Furniture is frequently beige or white. The space may include wood accents, and nautical-themed decorations are frequently used.

The traditional Coastal/Hampton style also features huge windows, white luxurious sofas, blue and white stripe patterns for pillows, and painted white wood.

The goal of these types of room styles are to create a tranquil, welcoming space that draws inspiration from the beach and water.


Here among different types of room styles, the minimalist idea is a popular one. It takes modern design ideas and makes them even more simplistic.

Nothing is over the top or showy in the accessories or décor, and color schemes are neutral and breezy. Furniture is straightforward and streamlined as well.

Functionality and extremely clear lines are what define minimalism in the end.


Mid-century modern is a nod to the design era of the middle of the 20th century, particularly the 1950s and 1960s. Mid-Century Modern Design combines minimalist elements with a sense of vintage nostalgia. The fundamental focus of the mid-century design was functionality or “fussy-free.” It places emphasis on basic fabrication methods, natural or organic shapes like “egg-shaped” chairs, and easy-to-use contemporary designs. It effortlessly enhances any interior and facilitates a smooth transition from indoor to the exterior.


Natural elements such as wood and stone, which are unfinished or raw, are used in rustic design types of room styles.

With warmth emanating from the design and architectural features that may include features like soaring ceilings embellished with wooden planks or reclaimed wood floors, rustic design may incorporate outdoor items.

Nowadays, a lot of designs combine rustic style with more contemporary furnishings and accents.


Vintage-inspired Shabby Chic types of room styles appear to be more feminine, soft, and gentle than Bohemian and also other different room styles.

Shabby chic decor frequently features damaged or distressed-looking furniture, and paint frequently has antique-style finishes. White, cream, and pastel colors are prevalent in the Shabby Chic color schemes. Ornate wall hangings and lighting fixtures can maintain the feminine feel of shabby chic design.

French Style

A French Country architecture aesthetic is characterized by warm, earthy hues as well as weathered and ornate wooden furnishings. Farmhouse design serves as the style’s primary inspiration.

Natural substances like stone and brick, as well as soft, warm shades of red, yellow, or gold, may be used in French Country style. Ornate porcelain dish sets, plush bedclothes, and heavy linens are all examples of French Country types of room styles.

Now we will see how to design these different room styles and incorporate them into your own beautiful Living room.


A modern living room style can affect many different areas of your space. Or you can choose to add only one or two of the now inspirations if you want to create a more varied room with just a few sporadic contemporary-style objects.

However, keep in mind that modern living rooms differ from contemporary types of room styles. Modern design is associated with the early 20th century and is far less flexible due to its attachment to a certain period. The term “modern” serves as a catch-all for what later evolved into “Mid-Century” and “Post-Modernism,” respectively.

While each of the modern style movements has a distinct character, current design is always evolving, drawing ideas from numerous design eras and fusing them to create something fresh and intriguing.

Use of Color

One of the key components of modern lounge design is color. Contrary to popular belief, contemporary design is not all about brilliant white. Even if you’ve primarily chosen white and there is one important piece of furniture that purposely stands out, modern living rooms should genuinely have a striking contrast in the colors employed.


The idea that lines ought to be straight and clean is another of the major connotations with these types of room styles. But this is yet another tale of disparity. Strong lines are the only emphasis of contemporary movements.

On the other hand, modern fashion favors blending the two. Bring in a sculpture or an edgy chandelier light that will stand out from the crowd and add variety if you have a curved ottoman and sofa combination.


The bases of sofas and armchairs are frequently visible, which is one feature of contemporary furniture. As opposed to conventional twisted wooden legs on castor feet or legs tucked under a skirt, tapered, angled wooden legs are recommended. You should blend exposed metals, glass, and occasionally exposed wood in your worktops and other furniture.

Although marble still reigns supreme in both classic and contemporary design types of room styles, your lines should be simple here. In a modern living room, marble furniture that is sturdy, smooth, and statuesque is the solution.


Metal should not only be used for tabletop and larger furniture in living rooms decorated in a contemporary manner.

Use hammered, polished steel for metallic accents on everything from picture frames and metal-trimmed platters to the frame of a floor-length mirror or the base of large floor lamps.

Give your living space a modern edge by using shiny brass on an exposed armchair’s frame, a glittering gold vase, or a cuff around an empty wall or clock.


The texture is one of the few rules of all types of room styles decorating scheme, regardless of the style you are drawn to. Even if you were drawn to the less-is-more aesthetic of contemporary design, you would still need to add layers of texture.

Texture can be as simple or as ornate as the other decor components in your room. You’ll be exposed to three different yet understated textures to keep your eyes and mind occupied: velvety leathers, sleek, beautiful metals, and matte, polished marble.

There are more things with texture outside just what is tactile. Your living area can have texture by combining lighting and color, as well as anything else that stimulates the eye and interacts with light.


Similar to how the texture should travel from ceiling to floor in a room, contemporary living room lighting ideas should do the same. In any room, recessed spotlights are extremely modern and functional, especially when paired with accent lighting.

If you want something a little more subtle and minimalist, consider adding a pendant light that is very sculptural and serves as artwork.

Additionally, a contemporary living room is one of the few designs where LED lighting strips may be used without detracting from the aesthetic.

How to Design an Industrial Style Living Room

Industrial types of room styles use a more dramatic approach to design and decor.

Get the most out of concrete walls by sprinkling wood and slate throughout them. Only brown, grey, black, and green are used in this complexly textured apartment’s color scheme. Longer pendant lights hang in the kitchen, and a wooden runway serves as a wayfinding device. A wooden coffee table and block sofa provide a space to unwind, while newer crates have an integrated seat on the other side. A projection TV meets modern demands while the room’s black, chalkboard-like textures give the impression of wear and tear.

Establish a mood with dark, dreamlike DIY industrial home décor. In this room with lofty ceilings, beautiful wood lines the ceiling and rough concrete lines the floor. A seat is provided on a soft brown L sofa that matches the wooden tones of the bookshelf in behind. Black shelving in rows lends a sense of intellectualism while ignoring art. Finishing elements include a stairway, rows of lamps, and stenciled details on a coffee table with one wheel.

It’s not necessary for industrial types of room styles to be drab and grey. This more condensed area introduces a hint of lemon, creating abstractions and a skulking cat in the kitchen. Before the same-colored painted brick, a comfortable black quilted couch provides comfort. As visitors are directed to a contemporary panel fire, light-wood floors add warmth to the surrounding concrete and grey.

Are you fortunate to reside in a loft? Make the most of the high factory windows to be used in industrial types of room styles. Unfinished hardwood floors and concrete walls offer an industrial backdrop for an unusual dining table, bright, futuristic ottomans, and sleek, grey booth chairs. The room has cream accents throughout, including the dining table decorations, basic bookcases, and floating lamps. Its tall windows cast a modern and industrial light on the space, which is complemented with white rafters and rugs with various textures.

We will now look at different room styles in Modern Living Room Designs.

How to Design a Modern Style Living Room

modern types of room styles

In this modern apartment by Black Lacquer Design, furnishings and decor in wonderful flashes of color redefine what modern design room styles mean, with the startling focal point being a hot pink fireplace surround. The beautiful hearth in the room is enhanced by keeping the walls white and using bold colors elsewhere in the space.

Almost any place looks more modern when black and white are used together. How successful this mixing art styles in room styles is demonstrated by this gorgeous Texas restoration. Here, the white ceiling and accent pieces contrast wonderfully with the dramatic black floor-to-ceiling fireplace.

This contemporary living area was designed by interior designer Katie Stix of Anderson Design Studio with a timeless appeal in mind. A room divider made of planters divides off the main living space and brings lush foliage into the room styles. The hospitable atmosphere is provided by low-profile furnishings with a nostalgic, mid-century vibe. The timeless items are simple and comfortable, two characteristics of contemporary fashion. Above it all is a dramatic light fixture that gives the traditional chandelier a modern makeover.

The ideal choice for this magnificent modern living room in Seattle was light-colored furnishings. This room styles centerpiece is the floor-to-ceiling windows, thus the use of light wood and pale pink accents is completely appropriate.

It makes sense to have different room styles such as contemporary, minimalist living rooms, like this one by Maydan Architects, that puts the spotlight on the immaculate garden if you have a breathtaking view. This area is warm and inviting because to its simple color scheme, modest furnishings, and clean lines that elegantly complement the great outdoors.

As demonstrated in this stunning remodel by nataliehagerinteriors, stone and marble get a place in a contemporary living room. Here, a black and white marble floor-to-ceiling surrounds an ultra-modern fireplace.

How to Design a Bohemian Room Style Living Room

bohemian types of room styles

Attractive Bohemian wall decor in the living area includes woven wall baskets made of sisal and jute. The indoor plants and decorative pillows with unique textures give this living area a lovely Boho feel. This vibrant room styles are neutrally balanced with a jute rug in the shape of a circle and a mid-century coffee table made of dark wood.

Bohemian lounge room concepts are the method to explore with colors if you enjoy bold or vivid hues.

However, to prevent the scheme from leaning toward a country atmosphere, you might want to use punchier tones, like this emerald green and fiery cinnamon, and abstract designs over botanicals. Organic living room hue schemes(opens in new tab) do tend to fit different room styles of bohemian best.

Warmth is provided by a burnt orange sofa with cozy upholstery similar to the ones below in this bohemian living room. A mirror with decorative art is on the back wall, and there are several indoor plants all over the place in these gorgeous room styles. The room has a lot of rattan furniture, giving it a tropical feel. There is a round rattan coffee table, a tiny rattan ottoman, a rattan accent chair, and a rattan side table with a glass top. One essential bohemian living room decorating tip is to have lots of chairs for entertaining visitors!

Although bohemian living room styles are renowned for being busy, keeping the space clutter-free will allow it to breathe and be displayed if you’re seeking for tiny living room decoration ideas. Invest in a few standout, hero pieces, and give the room a fashionable twist with imaginative pillows and sassy designs in a variety of repeats.

We adore the contrast between the larger-than-life leaf pattern here on rug and the more subdued sofa upholstery. The couch and color-blocked walls keep things simple and bold.

How to Design in Hampton Living Room Styles

hamptons types of room styles

Even if you have a large, open room to deal with when planning Hamptons living room styles, you still want to make it seem comfortable and inviting. You can do this by grouping your furniture. For instance, a large sectional or a sofa with multiple club chairs as furniture might create a discussion and gathering area in a space.

Since symmetry is a key component of Hamptons design, it’s common to find paired items like chairs, end tables, and sofas facing one another. Table lamps and other light fixtures, like the sconce lighting on either side of a fireplace, are frequently found in pairs in Hamptons living room styles. These decorations are great as fall living room decor ideas too.

Large-scale and oversized furnishings create an attractive space to gather for entertaining or unwinding at the end of a day.

While accent colors may include various shades of green and blue for a sea-inspired vibe and floor coverings sometimes incorporate texture, color palettes are generally neutral with tones of white and ivory as the primary colors. For instance, woven rugs and jute rugs are great additions to living room styles in the Hamptons.

Natural light is crucial in each Hamptons room, not just the living room, and arguably more importantly than almost anything else is the welcome atmosphere that defines a Hamptons living room. A living room in the Hamptons isn’t fussy or elaborate, yet it does manage to evoke a feeling of relaxed elegance. Beaded curtains & drapes would add a nice touch for this setting.

Bold, patterned colors of blue are expertly combined with pristine white walls and furnishings in this gorgeous yet remarkably efficient living room. The use of visually arresting touches of black decor has served to anchor the space and highlight the room’s true beauty and lightness. The floral prints are the distinguishing element and the perfect focal point in this harmonious and contemporary Hamptons-style living room styles.

When only the best will do, choose a traditional classic interpretation of classic Hamptons design. This amazing living room pays homage to the best of Hamptons interior design by using neutrals, sophisticated navy blues, and clean whites as the major color tones and pairing them back with luxurious and elegant furnishings. These grand, lofty living room styles is given texture and color by the ingenious use of stacked carpets.

How to Design in Minimalist Living Room Style

minimalist types of room styles

Wood, white, and eggshell don’t have to be dull. Wood lets in light from both the external world and LEDs within, creating frames on the veranda and a bookshelf beyond. Simple futon sofas offer a place to relax while dining cubby chairs have legs that reflect their forms.

Allow beautiful living room styles built by Arent & Pyke to serve as inspiration if you love modern minimalist style but wouldn’t want to give up color. The use of simple, monochromatic materials and finishes allows the historic underpinnings and detailing to show out magnificently just as they are. Then they added movement with a subtle rose carpet and a chair with a midnight-blue tint.

Let a row of LEDs speak for themselves in minimalist dark room aesthetic room styles. A below-TV line of lights is the focal point of this apartment, which is bathed in somber charcoal and features a feature wall, a contemporary sofa, and a large rug. The geometric design of the rug completes the ensemble. The space really sells the bare aesthetic. There are no books, vases, or bowls to decorate with! This setting can be used even for sunken living room ideas.

The award-winning British minimalist builder John Pawson created this tranquil getaway in the Welsh countryside for Living Architecture with the intention of fostering peace and introspection. His design was influenced by both Japanese design and the Benedictine monks’ style of construction.

The calm living area is equipped with a massive pale gray sofa and a low-slung console table to keep the focus on the panoramic views of rural Wales. It has floor to ceiling wall fitted in light-colored handcrafted Danish bricks, pastel polished concrete floors, and Douglas fir timber ceilings. The room’s minimal design is softened by thick, pale-colored drapes that offer solitude at night and match the brickwork.

A crucial component of minimalist room styles are emphasizing straightforward, organic forms. Another is maintaining your balance. What could be more practical than a coffee table that is actually on the ground? Warm leathers, raw mahogany stools, and a scarcely there bookcase were combined by design team Hecker Guthrie for a unique yet modest look. The lesson of the tale? Put that slab directly on the ground and throw away your table base.

your interior by half. This platform-raised design has a chamber in mushroom on one side and pure white on the other. Coloring is made the hero by simple block furnishing and comma-shaped cushions.

In this opulent living room from interior decorator Maite Granda, the commanding ocean view dominates the floor to ceiling windows, encouraging a minimalist approach to decor. The designer included a pair of navy velvet chairs that are a tribute to the deep blue sea along with a massive sofa and armchairs and accent chairs in various colors of white.

A pair of sculptural stools and a coffee table made of raw wood lend a sense of stability. A collection of butterfly prints is hung above the sofa and a clear pendant light sits in front of the windows without obstructing the view, adding some color.

How to Design Mid-Century Modern Style Room

Make the mid-century aesthetic appear effortless. Install the tall, wooden windows that are distinctive of the style in your living room styles, employing a tilter to allow for fresh air. Your decor can create distinction without one piece taking center stage by utilizing wooden-legged furniture, like the peach accent chair, nesting coffee tables, and long three-seater seen here.

To combine complementary metallics, place a swing arm wall light similar to this one next to a Bell desk lamp by Tom Dixon. While ferns sprout in planters all around your living room, sprigs of poppy could draw attention to the area behind your couch. You can create a reading nook near the TV by complementing a leather floor cushion to your hardwood woodwork.

In the double-height crystal pavilion-style living room of this Philip Johnson-built “Wiley House” in, Connecticut, a dramatic sculpture offers an organic focal point.

As dusk falls, choose something warmer. A ceiling-mounted fireplace next to a white shell chair in the Wegner design would warm up a more masculine setting. To center the area, place a Jute rug on top of a wood and metal coffee table. A monochromatic ottoman can be paired with two Papa Bear-inspired chairs by Wegner, and a couch in the same color can accommodate even more cuddling. Views of the lawn through glass panels will enhance your interior design of the living room styles.

Natural stone is used for the inside steps at jazz pianist Dave Brubeck’s Middletown house, which also has authentic mid-century modern lighting fixtures and furnishings with organic curves.

We adore how open and spacious the design of this area is! The carefully chosen and understated aesthetic highlights the architecture’s dynamic nature. demonstrating once more the relationship between design and decor.

This 17th-floor condo’s living area features mid-century modern accents by industrial designer Alisa Bloom, featuring Revival’s 1970s chairs and Martin La Brocante’s vintage cocktail table.

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