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20 Gorgeous Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas and Guide

These days, open-concept living spaces such as open plan kitchen and living room are more common than smaller, closed-off rooms. Modern homes are known for having open-plan living room styles since they can accommodate almost any occasion.

Your pick of living room ideas will have a huge impact on how flexible our homes need to be. After all, you ought to design a room that functions for the entire family in a variety of circumstances.

Although open plan kitchen and living room designs are becoming more and more popular and are ideal for entertaining, they can occasionally feel bare or empty. To distinguish different regions of the room and give them personality, use contrasting colors. Additionally, wallpaper can be utilized to designate a certain portion of the room.

There are many methods to create private areas inside open-plan living room concepts in a method that fits for you, explains Rebecca from Furnishing and Choice, whether it’s a major undertaking like installing sliding doors or a partition wall, or just strategically arranging your furniture. Here we provide you with 20 open plan kitchen and living room designs that you could use for your home too.

Uniform flooring all through Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room

open plan kitchen and living room

According to Simon Myatt, Havwoods brand ambassador, “people are selecting open-plan layouts in today’s modern homes to maximize the feeling of space and light” (opens in new tab). Flooring is utilized to effortlessly transition from one room to the next, without the use of door bars or floor strips, and this is still a common trend in the living rooms.

As an alternative, zone using living room flooring ideas. By layering your floors in different patterns or using slightly varied tones or textures, you can create segmented zones in open plan kitchen and living room designs.

Cozy and Mustard Colors

open plan kitchen and living room

You could feel overpowered by the variety of colors available and the challenging task of selecting a living room paint color when looking at colors to decorate this area. However, one expert suggests that we consider smoky ocher tones while coming up with open-plan living room concepts. Use fall living room decor ideas to decorate this room more.

A family room painted in mustard yellow looks fantastic with both different coloured furnishings. The Smart Matt Emulsion in Yellow Pink from Little Greene Paint Co. gives warmth to an open-plan room. It is a practical, removable paint finish. Extend these ideas with more open plan kitchen and living room plans.

Utilize color schemes to establish cohesion

If the design is not consistent, it is simple for the various regions to get misplaced and feel disconnected, according to Rob Ellis, Head of Design at dwell. Therefore, it is crucial to divide up the various spaces while maintaining a unified color scheme in open plan kitchen and living room designs.

Decide how you will use each room to begin, such as by pairing a comfortable living room with a distinctive eating area for guests and family. Similar colors and textures should be used in both rooms to provide a cohesive atmosphere.

Use Broken Plan

open plan kitchen and living room

The more recent version of open-plan living room concepts is broken plan. All of the advantages of the latter, but with more flexibility.

Traditional doors are replaced with an unusual glass door frame to help the open style onto the outside space. Glass replaces hard materials in the walls, creating an impressive feat of interior design that allows you to close off the lounge room for more private use whenever you need some “me time.”


An open-plan living room design looks best against a neutral background. It serves as a base upon which you may add reasonably priced home furnishings to give the room your unique sense of style. Three frames are used to embellish these white walls to prevent the living room walls from appearing too bare.

Save color and pattern for a different room where you can go a bit more crazy since you aren’t there the entire time. When decorating an open-plan area, choose a flexible color scheme.

Partition wall to be used by both areas

open plan kitchen and living room

Although you might want to create a large, empty area without any structure, even if you do want the impression of openness. If this is the case, think about keeping a portion of the wall in place to separate the two ends of the room.

Maintaining a living room arrangement is made possible by having a dividing wall so that you can hang wall art or place furniture against it. To ensure that both rooms on either side of the wall benefit, a clever space may use the diving wall to position open living room fireplace ideas.


An open plan living room floor plan gives you the flexibility to arrange your furnishings and other DIY home decor as you see fit, removing and replacing items as the seasons change or more frequently if you want.

Modern design rooms are filled with lighter (and even collapsible) furniture at reasonable prices thanks to material advancements in design and decor.

Make occasional furniture lightweight; if it’s simple to lift, you’ll be more likely to shift a console table out of the path for a yoga practice.


open plan kitchen and living room

By selecting moderate lounge room ideas by using the same color and flooring throughout, you can quickly create a stylish and welcoming open-plan lounge.

The space feels more grounded and versatile because to this soft approach. To provide delicate color contrasts without overwhelming the space, echoe tone accent pieces in lilac-grey and charcoal.


When it comes to open-concept living spaces, bringing the outdoors in by using a biophilic design strategy for open plan kitchen and living room is still going to be a winner for both our physical and emotional welfare. We were therefore completely smitten when we spotted this mint greenish living room.

Sage and khaki frequently rule this area, but this time, herby mint offers a novel, horticulturally-inspired change. There is plenty of light coming in through the window, and the open shelving makes you feel like you are in your own greenhouse with plants. In addition, exposed brilliant empty walls have been painted white to enhance the terracotta blocks as a tribute to our outdoor areas.

SLIDING DOOR TO SEPARATE Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room

Sliding doors may significantly improve a room and are ideal for larger spaces. Even though they take more effort to integrate into a space, sliding doors will let you divide an open space in a stylish and functional way.

As an illustration, adding a sliding door to your kitchen, dining, and living area will give you the freedom to divide one section as needed. Maybe for home work, but when necessary, change it back into a lively room for entertaining and dining.

More Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room Designs

For the world we behave now, an open kitchen, dining, and living area gives significant versatility. But it’s not always simple to come up with useful open-plan kitchen ideas.

In condos and smaller homes, it takes a lot of skill to build a space that flows naturally into the living area. The right zoning, noise control, and decorating strategy are all essential.

Our daily lives now include open plan kitchen and living room living. These areas, which can range from large kitchen designs that also serve as dining rooms to home offices located within living rooms, should be well-designed and capable of making the most of the available space for their intended use.

You’ve come to the correct place whether you’re creating an open plan kitchen and living room or even just thinking about it and debating whether to go that route or not. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through every aspect of open-concept kitchen design and provide you with a ton of decision-inspiring images.


open plan kitchen and living room

Spend some time considering how people will navigate the space in open plan kitchen and living room. Furniture must not block the passageway between zones, and it is essential for safety that no one cross through the kitchen’s working area to move from one zone to the next.

Is the distance between the kitchen and the seating area sufficient? Consider the spacing between these areas because it may be difficult to watch TV or converse while hearing the sound of clanging pans and countertop equipment in the background.

Distinguish a space for open plan kitchen and living room

open plan kitchen and living room

If many family members are occupying the same location at once, noise can become an issue. It’s a good idea to have a private space that can be closed off when you need some peace and quiet, like a cozy or TV room.

Greater flexibility is provided by glazed walls in open plan kitchen and living room designs, sliding panels, or slatted screens, allowing rooms to be sealed off or opened up as needed.


You want your open plan kitchen and living room area to look coherent and have a flow when you gaze across it. The Skandi table and Harlow chairs, with their light oak designs, also fit well in this living room because the kitchen is quite sleek and basic. The rug and cushions bring in the mid-gray and light pink colors from the kitchen and dining area, visually balancing the dark gray sofa and armchairs and accent chairs in the living area. The accent colors that distinguish the living room from the others are the turmeric cushion, throw, and rug.


According to property specialist Kunle Barker, “We adore open-plan for the sense of room, but when you remove a wall, you literally lose space to put items on or against.”

The result is that radiators, TVs, sofas, and bookcases compete for space against the interior walls. Therefore, dividing the space with furniture and putting it away from the walls helps to calm things down in open plan kitchen and living rooms.


open plan kitchen and living room

In an open plan kitchen and living room, start by deciding which section the kitchen will be located in as an open-plan, live-in kitchen cafe needs to have designated places for seating, dining, and cooking even though they are all next to one another.

Even though it is not necessary, placing the kitchen against an exterior wall makes it easier to run ductwork for an exhaust fan and waste water, and it is also more cost-effective. In the kitchen area, base and wall units, as well as kitchen appliances, can be placed against an exterior wall.

Additionally, think about where you’ll put the dining table. Kitchen and dining spaces should be planned together because you won’t want to have to walk far to get food from prep and cooking sections to the table.

Select complementary colors

By using a consistent color scheme, you may give open plan kitchen and living room areas a sense of flow and cohesion. Utilize a painted panel, a standout wallpaper design, or a distinctive rug to create “break out” zones, but be sure to use a color or material that will connect the spaces.

According to Pascoe Interiors’ Clare Pascoe, “I constantly attempt to replicate components across an open plan kitchen and living room to “stitch” the interior together”.


It’s time to plan the kitchen once you know which region of an open plan kitchen and living room it will be situated in. You can make your own using diagrams or have your kitchen architect or builder prepare scale drawings for you.

A scale drawing might assist you in concentrating on the space’s available walls for positioning base and modular furniture and appliances. Take note of the placement of any windows and exterior doors leading from the kitchen area.

Employ lighting to emphasize various areas

An open plan kitchen and living room area need a good lighting strategy to help create separate zones. Consider dimmable lighting in a separate relaxing area as well as a combination of prep and entertaining kitchen lighting ideas.

Lighting must be adaptable, according to property expert Kunle Barker. It involves more than simply installing 20 spotlights. We often talk about using color to decorate a space, but lighting has a significant impact on this. To effortlessly change the ambiance, you need as many options as possible, including spots, pendants, light fixtures, and floor lamps.


Make a list of every essential component for the new kitchen so that nothing is left out of the design. Now is the time to confirm that everything necessary will fit within the zone:

  • kitchen cabinet walls.
  • kitchen base cabinets
  • kitchen display cabinets with glass.
  • Unclosed kitchen shelves
  • Larder units in the kitchen.
  • cooking island.
  • peninsula unit in the kitchen.
  • breakfast counter
  • Cookers.
  • Hob.
  • Cooker range.
  • American-style refrigerator and freezer.
  • cooking sink (s).
  • Taps.
  • hot water faucet.
  • exhaust fan

Learn how to use sunken living room ideas to make open plan kitchen and living room designs in our blog.

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21 Ideas for Home Design and Decor 2022

These home design and decor suggestions are for you either you want to completely revamp your house or just add some nice details. Interior designers have provided us with their knowledge, ideas, inspiration, and advice.

We have collectively addressed every area indoors and out, and we’ll keep adding more ideas for house decor then you can keep honing your interior decorating by design talents. There are 21 different interior design styles available for you to choose from here.

These rooms, along with the expert advice that goes with them, are for you if you’re seeking for innovative design ideas, practical home decor advice, or easy home ideas for making your house feel comfortable and look lovely.

Neutral Colors with Light Details of Gold

design and decor main

Anyone seeking enlivening features for their neutral space ideas would do well to explore the straightforward application of gold paint on the framework of the shelf. Subtlety is really essential.

Add Contrasting Colors to the Window Frames

It’s not necessary to only use accessories to add accent colors. Paint is an option.

According to Melanie Griffiths, Publisher of Period Residing magazine and a frequent contributor to Homes & Gardens, painting window frames, reveals, and shutters in a vibrant color not only creates a striking design feature but also enhances the view and modifications the feel of the illumination entering the room.

“Choose trendy terracotta to infuse the area with warmth, as in this design and decor by Dado Atelier, or bright yellow to enliven the space on even the darkest of days,” advises the article.

Subtle Gray Design and Decor Colors

design and decor green

The spacious living space in this 1920s Victorian mansion is full of beauty courtesy to designer Maureen Stevens. The room has Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, which harmonizes with the coffered ceiling and century-old dazzling white trim.

Integrated Bookshelves

Placing built-in bookcases in your family room is the next best possible design and decor thing if you don’t already have a dedicated library. To make it simple to reach the higher shelves, keep a mobile ladder close at hand.

Geometrical Black and White Design and Decor

design and decor geometric

For her Cincinnati loungeroom, lifestyle expert Anna Mae Groves’ home veered toward a classic black-and-white color scheme, along with DIY geometrical wall art.

Faux Wall Panels to the Action

Wall paneling ideas can take many different shapes, from authentic historical details to convincing contemporary impersonations to more creative treatments. The latter is beautifully demonstrated in this living room by interior decorator Irene Gunter of Gunter & Co which features faux paneling made from plain, framed wallpaper panels. Take note of how the sofa is positioned perfectly for it in the middle of a panel. The artwork in the centre panel simply serves to highlight the tidy, appealing symmetry this provides in the cozy interior design.

Add Some Pattern to Door Panels

This is a lovely way to add design and decor to an otherwise simple design, and the best part is that it is much easier and less expensive to change it out with the months than a full wall of wallpaper. To prevent damage to the doorways and to make sure that any necessary replacements are simple to complete, we recommend utilizing peel-and-stick wallpaper for a more cozy interior look. Add some armchairs and accent chairs just inside to give a more complete look.

Blue Walls with Fireplace

This cozy interior of lounge room in a 1970s Dutch Colonial-style residence adds flair thanks to built-in log storage and deep blue walls painted in Sherwin-Williams’ Eternal Sea. Adding Blue design and decor plays a major part in this concept.

Outside Chic Design and Decor

This chic black-and-white outdoor living area was created by the founder of Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson, in collaboration with interior decorator Ginny Macdonald. Her Californian home’s décor is carried over into the design.

Add Some Detail to Doors

Flat-fronted doors can be bland, especially in contemporary homes with simple architecture. However, they can be easily improved with some basic decorative painting. Success will depend on maintaining cozy interior consistency throughout the entire story and maintaining the door’s design and decor as simple as possible.

Add Eye-Catching Monochrome

design and decor monochrome

This living area, which utilizes Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray here on walls and fireplace, is guaranteed to inspire those who adore the monochromatic design and decor aesthetic.

Make Your First Impression at the Front Door

Paint the entrance door a vibrant, glossy color to give a wonderful first impression of your home. According to stager Lara Allen-Brett of New Jersey, “Red is a lucky hue in many cultures.” In early America, a crimson door symbolized “welcome” to weary travelers, and on churches it symbolizes a safe sanctuary.

As per San Francisco-based stager Christopher Breining, orange and yellow are two other colors that are popular right now. Both hues are linked to happiness and warmth. A old screen door is one item that has to be removed. Get rid of it or swap it out for a storm door with single glass and a screen panel that you can swap out.

Raise the Level with Tricks

If your roof ceilings are on the lowest setting, consider painting them white to open up the space. To fool your eye into believing the space looks taller, Allen-Brett advises hanging drapes higher than the windows. The majority of common curtain panels are 84 or 96 inches long, which allows you to extend them about 3 inches over window casings before they become unwieldy.

You’ll need to order custom beaded curtains & drapes if you wish to hang them higher. A fan of patterned walls to get a more cozy interior? Attempt vertical stripes design and decor; the lines will make your walls appear longer. Another way to make a space appear taller is to lean a big mirror against a wall.

Add a Rustic Design and Decor Look

Owing to timber frame and accent items that highlight its rustic appeal, a white traditional living room with cozy interior concept glows.

Bedroom Alcove

A poorly kept home design and decor secret is bedroom alcove ideas. We adore it when design professionals have fun with them, as Martin Brudnizki did in this bedroom. Though sometimes disregarded, they can be helpful for storage or as deep bedside tables.

Use Bold Colored Shelves

You gradually become less aware of the mess in a home the longer you dwell there. You occasionally require a new set of eyes to arrange it back to it’s original cozy interior. To tackle closets and bookcases, which stagers claim are frequently stuffed with twice as much material as they should hold, you can employ an organizer for several hours (probably pay $35 to $150 an hour, based on where you reside).

Breining recommends reducing whatever’s on your cabinets by 50%. Next, scatter decorative items like bowls or vases amid the vertical rows and mix horizontal piles of books in. A combination of different interior design styles have been used here.

Chandelier Colors

With a few straightforward layers of paint, round bulbs, and pom-pom fringes for a fanciful touch, you can give an ugly light fixture a design and decor makeover. Overhead, bright hues bring the space’s eclectic feel together.

Refurbish Old Stuff

Your fixtures are old. Spray paint and low-cost restoration kits can be used to transform them. With a brief coat of bronze or satin-nickel painting, a 1980s brass pendant can be given new life, according to Breining.

A fresh coat of white paint and new hardware are beneficial even for worn-out kitchen cabinets. And if you still believed Formica design and decor countertops had no chance, think again. Breining is a staunch supporter of Rust-Oleum Tabletop Transformations, a do-it-yourself countertop coating that imitates stone and makes even the ugliest counter from the 1970s look modern with a cozy interior.

Go Extra with Your Bathroom

Emma Thomas, the decorating by design editor for Homes & Gardens, advises adding a beautiful design and decor statement wall to your bathroom to give it a sense of grandeur. The azulejo tilework seen in the kingdoms of Sintra, Lisbon, and Porto is echoed in this wallpaper design by Pierre Frey. Here are some more modern bathroom designs.

Place a Mirror with Style

Place a solid style against the empty wall without using a hammer to create a casual mantel design and decor.

Sunshine Brightens Up the Kitchen

“A naked bank of windows is preferable than an unsightly one when it comes to thick, out-of-date drapes,” asserts Lynne. Window treatments should ideally be both stylish and practical: Think of sheers combined with long panels.

Choose bright hues that won’t fade if your room receives a lot of sunlight. Because they tend to hang beautifully, cotton, linen, and silk blends are the most suggested lightweight design and decor fabrics for panels.