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20 Gorgeous Modern Bathroom Designs For 2022

modern bathroom designs 2022

While choosing fixtures and finishes is the most enjoyable part of designing a bathroom, it’s essential to make big decisions to improve performance and streamline the layout before getting into the finer details. Here we will give you 20 modern bathroom designs to help you remodel existing one or design your new bathroom.

Working within the restrictions of the area, successful bathroom design necessitates crucial judgments on how the area functions and flows. This entails considering factors such as how to construct the bathroom for optimum comfort and efficiency. If you do have the area and desire, where should you put the bathtub? How big and what kind of vanity can you accommodate in your bathroom? How to improve air movement and natural light by working around current window location. What kind of door is preferable for privacy and convenience of use, or whether to put a door at all in a principal suite?

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  • modern bathroom designs 2022

Ultra Modern Bathroom Designs for You

Pink Oasis Bathroom

Architect Bari Ackerman thought she needed to do “a modern spin on Art Deco design” for a dramatic before and after the remodeling project. The primary bathroom of Ackerman’s house in Scottsdale, Arizona, was in severe need of an upgrade, having not been remodeled since the house was completed in 1994. “It was designed in a ’90s desert Tuscan style,” the designer reveals. “There was a built-in jetted bathtub with hefty beige tiling and a broken brown steam shower. It was not only gloomy and antiquated, but it also seemed that the shower was already installed wrongly, which had to be fixed immediately.”

Ackerman then chose modern bathroom designs to keep the area open by building a zero-entry shower and removing the partial empty walls that are surrounding the vanity. The designer began the makeover job by replacing the tile arcs above the sinks. “The arches are formed by mosaic cut hexagon tile,” says Ackerman, “and the pattern is duplicated with the room’s mirrors and shower glass.” The designer points out that the shape is reproduced in the bath tile pattern as well as the light fittings. She developed a straight vanity with vertical hickory fluting to offset the curving lines, which she matched with horizontal tiling in the bathtub.

Ackerman went with a pink-and-orange color scheme, taking care to incorporate a vivid roman shade to complement the vanity tiling to the shower floors. “I settled with one tiling for the floor surface for uniformity,” the designer explains, “and repainted the ceiling pinkish for the same reason.”

Floor to Ceiling Wall Tiles

Covering bathroom walls with floor-to-ceiling marble or tiling is becoming a popular modern bathroom designs concept that is both practical and visually appealing, bringing the eye upward to create bathrooms appear more spacious. A black block of stone dominates the far wall in this luxury Chicago highrise bath, creating a striking focal point. To add contrast, pale marble shower tiles extend to the ceiling.

Open Plan Modern Bathroom Designs

An all-white combination of surfaces is softened by brass hardware and glamorous lighting in this light, cheerful, and beautiful bathroom. The true show-stopper, though, is a Dutch door going to the outside, the upper half of which can be flung open to let in more natural light and ventilation.

Hexagonal Window

Erin Williamson Design used a variety of ornamental finishes in this modern bathroom designs for small spaces, including eye-catching cement flooring, walnut front cupboards, and matte black Brizo faucet fittings. The hexagonal window inset in the furthest shower wall and bordered by basic white tiling, on the other hand, is the kind of one-of-a-kind detail that makes the design unforgettable.

Hotel Looks

The huge walk-in shower in this principal bedroom suite was designed by Kara Thomas of Studio KT, who used the same black and gray color as the neighboring en suite to create continuity and flow between both the rooms.Some beaded curtains & drapes would give a nice touch for this bathroom, if used.

Mix Pale Colors with White

Make sure to combine elements in an all-white bathroom to provide interest and prevent it from getting too cold and empty. Mindy Gayer of Mindy Gayer Design Co. used vertical shiplap on the panels of this Southern California bath to emphasize the ceiling height. The white wood continues to the shower’s half-wall entry, blending perfectly with white tiles in this modern bathroom designs for small spaces.

Floor to Ceiling Built-In

Built-ins from floor to ceiling give interior decorator Nancy Charbonneau of Charbonneau Interiors’ bathroom a personalized latest bathroom design vibe. Stacks of towels, paintings, and artifacts can be stored and shown in a mixture of open and closed storage, while clutter is hidden by an abundance of closet space and drawers. A wide mirror mounted on the wall between the built-ins helps to keep the room feeling open and airy.

Modern Bathroom Designs With Extra Marble

A Mies van der Rohe armchairs and accent chairs by Knoll and a Boffi tub filler are featured in the master bath of a New Jersey mansion restored by designer Annabelle Selldorf and architect Matthew Frederick.

Pebble Bed Design

Take a bath on a pebble bed. The idea of laying the bathtub upon a bed of pebbles has become popular in many modern bathroom designs. Natural stone complements a botanical motif and wooden accents beautifully.

Mounted Mirrors

If you place a bathroom basin near a window, you don’t have to forego a vanity mirror. Mirrors could also be suspended from the ceiling or from a horizontal bar all across the window pane. These modern bathroom designs for small spaces use noticeable mirrors as the focal point.

Use LED for Lighting – Latest Bathroom Design Trend

It’s all about the ethereal ambiance. Installing perimeter lighting may give even the most basic, cold-looking bathroom layouts a special comfortable glow. To achieve a clean and unobtrusive modern bathroom designs impression, totally recess LED strips.

Add Some Wooden Texture

If you have a large bathroom footprint to work with, consider zoning various locations to maximize functionality. A towel wall in the big enclosed shower offers a textured wooden element, towel pegs, and a teak bench that seems like an extra room in these modern bathroom designs by interior decorator Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions.

A Seat By the Window

If you have adequate area, convert your bath into a rest room by installing seating. A window bench big enough for 2 between the double basins gives extra storage and a place to stop and admire the scenery while giving yourself a pedicure in this huge modern bathroom designs from Desiree Burns of Desiree Burns Interiors.

Bohemian Bath Style

This bathroom in California pays homage to the apartment’s midcentury roots. Leather cabinet handles, patterned concrete tile, and a traditional carpet combines modern features like the freestanding tub and vessel vanities with eclectic and bohemian details like leather cabinet pulls, textured concrete tile, and a traditional carpet. Here we use traditional looks to build ultra modern bathroom designs.

A Quick Rainforest Look

The brilliant white walls and fixtures in this bathroom are offset by a rich forest green accent wall. Modern bathroom designs with forest looks are now trending latest bathroom designs too.

A Slight Wooden Touch

To the cool and bright aesthetic of this white bathroom design, wood-framed mirrors as well as a wooden supported vanity. lend a sense of warmth. Against the colorful backdrop, a gray vanity with two sinks stands out.

Clean Two-Tone Look

These two-toned latest bathroom design beauties replaced drab medicine cabinets, and their mix of black and earthy tones harmonizes with the room’s black, gold, and wooden decorations.

Carved Bathtub

Remodeling your bath around a spectacular bathtub will transform the area into a spectacle if you have the means, space, and desire. A sculpted stone tub hovers in front of a bank of floor-to-ceiling window panes with a view to the outdoors in this master bathroom from interior decorator Kendall Wilkinson of ultra modern bathroom designs, while Japanese style moving windows can be modified to add privacy while still letting the natural sunlight to flow in.

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