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20 Ideas for Putting Ribbon on Christmas Tree for Living Room Xmas Decorations

Looking for the ideal Xmas tree toppers but seeking something unusual? May we advise putting ribbon on christmas tree as our new favorite technique to trim your tannenbaum. These ornaments are the ideal finishing touch for your Christmas tree. You wouldn’t leave a nicely wrapped holiday gift unattended without a bow, so don’t do it with your tree either! A beautiful, simple Christmas activity that can work with any Christmas decor theme is these 20 Christmas tree ribbon designs.

The star of the show is actually the ribbon, which is frequently the last-minute finishing touch, even though the ornaments and star topper typically get all the attention. Ribbon is a subtle addition that can significantly upgrade your tree. In addition to being a unique replacement for the typical star or angel tree topper, a large ribbon adds wonderful elevation and drama.

Your Christmas tree can use ribbon in a variety of ways, from straightforward ribbon ties to a full-on ribbon eruption with ribbon Xmas garlands or a ribbon Xmas toppers. While some concepts might take a bit longer to develop than others, once you have the fundamentals established, they are always simple to produce.

Ribbon can set a fashion-forward precedent that will cause all other considerations to fall into place while deftly hiding the inevitable bare spots on your tree. Examples include a classy satin thread that cascades down, a series of statement velvet bows, a drawstring flourish, or a rustic rippling fabric interweave. Read on for some gorgeous ribbon ensemble inspiration for each tree theme before you start breaking out in Christmas stress hives. Relax and start the sparkling lights!

putting ribbon on christmas tree

Christmas decorations inspired by the millennia

A grandmillenial-inspired Xmas tree is exactly what your home needs to be festive and cheery this holiday season if you love the soft hues of pastels and velvet and estate sale-esque relics like mercury glass, ginger jugs, and needlepoints. Create a velvety bow from two-inch ribbon for a refined topper for putting ribbon on christmas tree. To channel an effortlessly stylish French-girl attitude, tie it like shoelaces. Trim the ends at an angle and let them flow one-third of the length down the tree.

MELLOW OR YELLOW For putting ribbon on Christmas tree

Who says you must always use red and green? If you want to give your neutral color scheme a little bit of sunshine, look to this interior design for putting ribbon on Christmas tree inspiration. On the wall next to the orange-yellow ribbons, he hung a piece of art with a similar hue to balance it out. Although I usually choose a neutral color scheme, I chose the bright orange since in my mind’s eye it is a cheery color.

putting yellow ribbon on christmas tree

Tree Decorations with Jute Ribbon

Use upholstery webbing or another striped jute ribbon for putting ribbon on christmas tree to cascade down the entire height of your Christmas tree for a rustic appearance. Jingle bells can be glued or briefly stitched to the ribbon to add further festive flair.

A Tribute To Immense Amount

Don’t you know? The new minimalism is maximalism for putting ribbon on christmas tree. Additionally, Jen Woodhouse’s tree is a wonderful example of how to use excess: Along with cobalt blue ornaments and fake magnolia blossoms, tufts of metallic gold and copper-toned ribbon weave in and out. The crowning touch is a sprig of glittering branches. More is better in this situation!

Ribbon garland for putting ribbon on christmas tree

A garland of wide ribbon, ideally three inches wide, offers softness and a golden accent when it is casually wrapped around the Xmas tree. A ribbon garland is simple to add. Simply begin at the top and work your way down the tree, gently avoiding branches as you go.

Do you like a tree that is mainly red, white, or even blue? To create a color scheme and connect all of your tree decorations, use ribbon garland in your preferred shade for putting ribbon on christmas tree.


If a red Christmas is what you’re after, keep it straightforward with plaid ribbons and fake poinsettias. The wired ribbon was tucked downward in this instance for putting ribbon on christmas tree, and smaller red translucent ribbons were added as embellishments. The end result is a cheerful and attractive Christmas arrangement that is fail-safe.

Ribbon bows for Christmas trees

Ribbons that are simple to tie into large accent bows aid in creating a unique holiday look. For a lively and intriguing blend, use both plain and patterned ribbons. Then finish decorating your tree with some solid-color ball ornaments, and the holidays can officially start! You can really make a difference in putting ribbon on christmas tree with simple ribbon bows.

EVERYTHING GLISTERS in putting ribbon on christmas tree

Go for the gilded effect with a monochrome gold Christmas tree if red and green have grown stale. Add metallic bows to the branches before adorning with white and gold decorations. Finish it out with a glittering gold tree topper and shimmering icicle tinsel. Bonus points if you use wreaths, streamers, and mantel decorations to extend the theme across the entire room. This luxurious evergreen will radiate warmth and modernism, not to mention a ton of festiveness while putting ribbon on christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Ribbons in All-White

Here is another idea for putting ribbon on christmas tree. Wrap your Christmas tree in glistening white organza ribbon for a posh appearance, and then decorate it with large bows fashioned from the same material.

A REIMAGINED RIBBON for putting ribbon on christmas tree

Although cloth ribbons are as traditional as they come, perhaps this year you’re ready to think outside the pampas-creamy waves of your tree. Bonus: You may also use these organic flourishes in place of your customary star topper.

Tree Decorations With Tartan Plaid Ribbons

Let the plaid begin! If you haven’t draped the halls in red tartan plaid, for many people, Christmas simply isn’t Christmas. Traditional red & green plaid ribbons in tartan designs, like Stewart and Chisholm, offer your Christmas tree a simple, handmade feel when woven around it as a garland. Even better, add ribbons with a variety of tartan patterns while putting ribbon on christmas tree. Then, as a ribbon tree topper, put a large looped bow on the top limb, and you’re prepared to celebrate. Don’t forget to add additional festive tartan by wrapping your items in plaid!


Your next gathering at home is sure to become the talk of the neighborhood with this red and pink putting ribbon on christmas tree. Use monochromatic colors to achieve that striking and lovely impact. Near the top, a candy cane ribbon is gathered into three petals, tucked into the tree, and then untied as it descends. For strong contrast, textured snow has been sprinkled on the branches. The cherry on top is the tree topper, which comes last. Literally.

Christmas Tree Topper with Green Ribbon

No need to run out and get a pricey tree topper for putting ribbon on christmas tree. Add a beautiful ribbon tree topper to your Christmas tree for a personal touch. Simply make a large bow with your preferred wire-edged ribbon, and then fasten it to the top branch by weaving green florist’s wiring through the back of the bow’s knot. For a tree topper that is more dramatic, leave the ends extra long.


Take inspiration from this style to make your tree covered in ribbons blend in with the remainder of your decor. A flocked tree with matching decorations, lights, and a wide ribbon was placed in the blogger’s all-white room. The outcome of using this method for putting ribbon on christmas tree? a display that stands out without dominating the rest of the room.

Garland of romantic ribbons for Christmas trees

Your Christmas tree gets a flirtatious, feminine touch from a wrap of glistening mesh tulle ribbon. Beaded flakes and blue and pink glass ornaments or beach christmas ornaments go incredibly well with the style. Use two- or three-inch wide shimmering organza ribbon to achieve the same look without some of the pouf.


Why use just one ribbon for putting ribbon on christmas tree, when you can use several? The designer draped strands of various colors, patterns, and materials over the pastel Christmas tree. (The lifestyle guru here chose a transparent green variant with a coarser weave and flowery ribbon.) Pine cones and delicate blossoms placed in key locations complete the image. See Nan’s detailed instructions on achieving the look here.

putting gold ribbon on christmas tree

Feathered Tree

If the flocked tree wasn’t persuasive enough, the ribbons reading “Merry Christmas” & “Naughty and Nice” will do the trick!


Mixing and matching various textures is the secret to creating an eye-catching Christmas tree. In this arrangement by Lia Griffith, artificial flowers, a satin ribbon, and tasseled ornaments are used as experiments. However, the DIY home decor pro sticks to a berry color scheme for a uniform appearance.

Ribbon Garland with Red Plaid

For the holidays, red tartan plaid has always been appropriate! For a high-impact garland, pick wire-edged ribbon that is at least two inches wide. Look for more christmas tree decoration methods here.